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Seven years since the band apparently ceased activity, XP8 has returned with a new EP, titled Twenty. “I know, it’s surprising for us too,” states Marco Visconti, explaining that he and band mate Marko Resurreccion had connected more readily during the “annus horribilis” of 2020, with Resurrection commenting that “‘Distance makes the heart grow fonder’ and all that crap.” With both commenting that they felt it was an opportune time to celebrate the 20th anniversary of XP8’s inception, Twenty features two brand new tracks – “Back to Light,” written by Visconti with production assistance from Grendel’s JD Tucker, is described as a song about “regaining hope” and “an open heart surgery synthpop.” “Lockdown Logic” was written by Resurreccion as an “attempt of exorcising some demons through the power of 50Hz sub-kick and syncopated grooves,” with Visconti referring to it as “the kind of song that I really wished we released back in the day.” The latter is also presented on the EP in a remix by Straftanz and Miss X.

Released on Friday, June 4 and available digitally via Bandcamp, Twenty marks the first new material from XP8 since the band’s initial dissolution in 2014 following the release of the Adrenochrome album and the subsequent EPs One of Three: Nigredo, Two of Three: Albedo, and Three of Three: Rubedo; a compilation of the band’s material, The Definitive XPerience: 2001-2016, was released in 2016. XP8 goes on to say that “We aren’t really back, but we wanted to share our music with you all… one last time.”


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