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The release of NEW / END this past April marked the eleventh full-length effort from longstanding electro act X Marks the Pedwalk, with Sevren Ni-Arb and Estefania focusing on a more accessibly melodic and lyrical emotive approach. The latest example of this comes in the form of the album’s fourth single, “Yesterdays,” accompanied by a music video whose vibrant colors and picturesque visuals accentuate the song’s themes of remembrance and nostalgia – sunlit beaches and grainy home videos are set to the song’s energetic dancefloor beat, all the more resonant with lines like “collecting years on cameras” and “I fear the day they end.” “Yesterdays” follows the previous singles “Sacred Ground,” “Firestorm,” and “Sailors at Dawn,” with NEW / END now available digitally on Bandcamp via X Marks the Pedwalk’s own Meshwork Music imprint.



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