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Chicago darkwave duo Wingtips made quite a splash in 2019 with the release of the highly acclaimed Exposure Therapy debut, even appearing on that year’s ColdWaves roster; now, the band has announced the release of the follow-up record, titled Cutting Room Floor. Maintaining the pair’s foundation in the post-punk and new romantic sounds of the ’80s, the new record presents what guitarist/vocalist Vincent Segretario describes as “a stripped down approach” in an effort to deconstruct and simplify from the more extravagent production Wingtips employed on the previous album, and allow the songwriting to take centerstage. Calling the process of writing Cutting Room Floor “a much different experience,” Segretario further explains that the band tried to break the mold and “aimed to find inspiration in modern music because we wanted to write a modern-sounding record.” As well, the lyrics reflect this maturing of Wingtips’ sound, with Segretario and band mate Hannah Avalon writing about the nonlinear progression of life, “editing your own life to become the best version of yourself,” and how our character is defined by the lessons learned through trial and error. Mixed by Brian Fox and mastered by Jason Corbett (ACTORS), Cutting Room Floor is due for release in digital, CD, and finyl formats on September 3 via Artoffact Records, with pre-orders now available on Bandcamp; the album follows the “Tears of Pearls” single released in September 2020, while the album’s first single “Cross the Line” is available to preview on Spotify.

In addition, Wingtips will be embarking on a North American tour, beginning on August 28 in Carbondale, IL and continuing until February 12 in Montreal, Quebec; throughout the September dates, the band will be sharing the stage with Twin Tribes and, on select dates in California, Creux Lies, along with Vision Video in Florida on two of the three November dates, and with Lebanon Hanover in the February dates in Canada. A full listing of tour dates can be found on Wingtips’ website.


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