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Hailing from Chicago and blending elements of progressive rock and instrumental noise, Whatismu has announced the release of its third album, titled Into Frenzy. Founded by guitarists Lorrie Kountz and Laura Jansons, the band eschews strict categorization, defining itself as “an audio-visual collaboration of the minds” that is rock-oriented, but adventurous in its songwriting and production; this incarnation of the band, which had changed its name to LKB (Lorrie Kountz Band) in 2018 and back to Whatismu in 2019, features the rhythmic talents of bassist Art Scheer and drummer Jeff Fite, with Mike Orfanos providing additional percussion. Produced by Whatsimu with Hunter Prentergast, Into Frenzy follows up on the 2016 Mara album and the self-titled 2014 debut, with the band scheduled to perform a release party on April 18 at MT Barrels in Schaumburg, IL.

Along with Whatismu, Lorrie Kountz served as live guitarist for Paul Barker’s Lead into Gold in 2015, appearing at the fourth ColdWaves; she also appeared on the Lead into Gold The Sun Behind the Sun album in 2018, while Whatismu is endorsed by Malekko Heavy Industry – the specialty guitar pedal and synth company co-owned by Barker with Josh Holley. The first Whatismu album in 2014 was produced by Jolee and Lee Popa, the latter a member of Bells into Machines alongside Barker. The band members have extensive history in the Chicago music scene, with Jansons and Fite having worked with Kountz in rock/new wave band Chick Norris, while Scheer currently plays in The John Koziol Band and The Clams, and Orfanos with The Mosquitos Jam Band.


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