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Ava Gore and Raphael Colantonio, the Austin-based duo known as WeirdWolves, has been steadily revealing a singular brand of dark rock and electro/goth over the course of several singles, now culminating in a new EP. With the pair having an extensive background in the video game industry, Weird West serves as a soundtrack for the game of the same name – a fantastical reimagining of the wild west developed by Colantonio’s own Wolf Eye Studios; the EP encompasses WeirdWolves’ selections from the soundtrack, which also features 13 tracks from composer/producer Choose Hellth, which Colantonio explains, “gave me one more angle of artistic expression that was part of the game experience.” Gore adds that the creation of the soundtrack was but one facet of a truly special experience, as she also go to participate in the voice acting, “The very first thing you hear when you play Weird West is my voice, which is crazy!”

WeirdWolves’ Weird West EP was released on March 31 and is available digitally via Bandcamp, while the Weird West game is now available on PC, PlayStation, and XBox, published by Devolver Digital. Colantonio is the founder and former creative director for Arkane Studios, the company behind the franchises of Dishonored and Prey, with Gore, being the daughter of Depeche Mode’s Martin Gore, having contributed to the latter’s soundtrack. The pair subsequently formed WeirdWolves in 2018, with the Weird West EP following the “Nightmares” and “Dancing in Hell” singles, both released earlier in 2022.


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