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Today, January 20, marks the release of “Dancing in Hell,” the new single from Austin, TX based duo WeirdWolves. Following up on the 2021 “Overdrive” single, the song delves further into the band’s blend of darkly electronic and rock textures, with themes about the mental and emotional disparities that can be experienced in a relationship “when two lovers are not in sync with their expectations.” These themes are further explored in the simple but powerful music video, in which Ava Gore plays the role of the evil lover toying with band mate Raphael “Raf” Colantonio, his eyes blinded by black tape until he finally escapes her clutches and removes the tape… “or does he?” Gore goes on to comment, “Sometimes we get in it for the fun, then things evolve for one of the parties, but not for the other, and we’re stuck between pleasure and hell, and that can be addictive, confusing, and hard to overcome, just like a hard drug.” Raf adds that the song is a relatable and familiar story “about how love can make us alternate between a state of bliss and a state of pain at times.”

The “Dancing in Hell” video was edited by Raf and shot by David Bukstein in the band’s home of Austin, while the single was released through Out of Line Music and can be purchased/streamed via Bandcamp. The band is also scheduled to perform in Austin at the Elysium on February 4 as a support act for industrial/rock band CHANT; the show marks CHANT’s return to performing live after a two-year-long period of physical rehabiliation following founder Bradley Bills’ injury in January of 2020, and will feature the debut of the band’s current lineup, which includes Jack O’Hara Harris, formerly of Bloody Knives. Additional information can be found on the Facebook event page.


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Website, Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp, YouTube
Website, Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, YouTube
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