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Mark Sousa has made a name for himself as a videographer with Hydra Media Group, as well as having served as vocalist for such acts as Voicecoil, Synapse, and Machinegun Symphony. Now, the Denver-based artist has released the debut EP from his new electro/EBM project Gravity Corps, titled Zero Grav, along with a music video for “Another Day.” Of the project, Sousa explains that “Gravity Corps is a different angle to what I do artistically,” calling it an angrier and more aggressive sound that is “more simplistic and raw” in its presentation than the futurepop stylings of Voicecoil – from themes of artistic integrity to disassociation and dark science fiction. Mastered by Eric Oehler (Null Device, Klack), Zero Grav was released on November 5 via Bandcamp, following the April release of the “Scared to Death” single; plans for a full-length album release in 2022 are currently in motion.



Gravity Corps / Voicecoil / Mark Sousa
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