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Southern death rock act Vincas has announced the release of the band’s third full-length album, Phanatasma. With influences that include the likes of Nick Cave, H.P. Lovecraft, and David Lynch, all infused into a swampy and stompy cinematic vibe, the album marks the addition of guitarist Gene Woolfolk (Plaque Marks) to the band’s lineup, having joined during the recording of Phantasma. Front man Chris McNeal comments that “Pretty much every song on the record is about an unimaginable evil destroying or enhancing a person’s life,” with the lyrics to such songs as “Let Me In” and “The Witch” playing on the group’s darkly lustful and vampiric vibe. Engineered by McNeal’s Maserati band mate Mike Albanese, and mixed and mastered Kyle Spence (Harvey Milk), the album is due for release on May 29 in vinyl format via Learning Curve Records; the album follows up on the Athens, GA based band’s 2013 Blood Bleeds debut and the 2016 sophomore effort Deep In the Well.


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