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Victorian Death Photos, the mysterious post-punk duo hailing from Houston, Texas, has unveiled a new single and music video, titled “The Crown.” Blending deeply resonant bass textures and vibrant beats with haunting vocal melodies, the track thematically addresses those in society whose efforts to help others accept and love themselves; in the band’s own words, “The message is that we can, as humans, as a collective, create a place where everyone can safely be unapologetically who they are and allow any input to the contrary devolve into meaninglessness.” Furthermore, the band explains the song to be written from the perspective of one’s inner strength asserting itself, while the video depicts a person in transition and being validated by the love of a friend. Mixed and mastered by Kevin Butler of Test Tube Audio, “The Crown” marks the fourth release from Victorian Death Photos, following The Basement Tapes EP and the subsequent “Radium Girls” and “Home” singles, all released in 2021 and available via Bandcamp.


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