Jul 2019 26

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Album CoverAggressive electro act Velvet Acid Christ has announced a new full-length album, titled Ora Oblivionis. Blending all aspects of the band’s stylistic past – piano soundscapes, industrial/metal, goth, and dance music – with a decidedly analog production vibe, the album’s themes are said to be “Inspired by the idea of self destruction.” Available for pre-order now via the Metropolis webstore and Bandcamp, the album will be available in CD and digital formats in a standard edition featuring 12 brand new tracks, and a deluxe edition that includes the fifth volume of VAC’s Between the Eyescollection of early recordings recovered from old analog tapes; the deluxe edition will also be released as a limited edition double-CD. Ora Oblivionis marks the first release of new material from VAC since 2014’s Subconscious Landscapes and the 2015 Dire Land remix album.
Album CoverIn addition, today marks the release of a remastered edition of Velvet Acid Christ’s 1999 album Fun with Knives. Available digitally and in a vinyl edition limited to 300 copies via the Metropolis webstore and Bandcamp, Fun with Knives is VAC’s fifth full-length album, now celebrating its 20th anniversary as the first VAC album released on Metropolis and Dependent after past releases on Pendragon in the U.S. and Off Beat in Europe.


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