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Orwellian themes remain a fervent source of inspiration for musicians to address social and cultural oppression, even as we near four decades since the titular year of that prophetic book. As such, synthpop artist Vaughn George Eunson is drawing heavily from that classic work to expand on the themes he explored on his 2022 Dark Society album; with the opening “Thought Criminal available to preview stream, and “Trigger” available on YouTube, the 1984 EP sees Vaughty addressing the parallels between the current state of the world with the society depicted in Orwell’s book, with the artist commenting, “It is frightening how Orwell’s work of fiction, albeit far-fetched at the time, seems now to be manifesting itself in our current reality.” Lyrics from “Thought Criminal” feature passages lifted directly from the book’s pages, opening with “My name is Winston and I am a thought criminal,” while the subsequent title track pleads, “Don’t let it happen, it’s up to us…” As was the case on Dark Society, the 1984 EP was mastered by Mute Records chief mix engineer Kevin Paul, with guitar performance and mixing duties shared between Eunson and Andy Marlow, whose credits include Marc Almond and Bryan Adams. The 1984 EP is due for digital release on Friday, January 27 via Aggro Monkey Records.




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