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The electronic duo of Rick Smith and Karl Hyde – better known as Underworld – has shared a video for the track “Border Country.” The track is part of the band’s audiovisual Drift series, which launched on November 1, 2018 with the band releasing consecutive tracks and videos over the span of 52 weeks, ending with the October 25 release of Drift Songs. With the fourth episode of the series becoming available on July 5, “Border Country” presents the episode’s sixth segment, marking Underworld’s second collaboration with Ø [Phase] in the Drift series after the the first episode’s third segment, “Dexters Chalk,” released on November 8, 2018.

Stating the creation of “Border Country” to be a gradual process, “like a photograph coming sotly into focus before sharpening into a crisp image,” Ø [Phase] – a.k.a. Ashley Burchett – explains the collaboration with Underworld began in late 2017 after receiving a message from the label manager. Smith elaborates that he “fell in love with his music” after hearing Ø [Phase]’s Submerged Metropolitan release in Autumn 2017, describing “a sense of journey and mystery and magic to what I heard.” He goes on to comment that Burchett “brings that same magic to the table every time, informed by his deep passion and understanding of the lineage of techno and a thirst to learn and grow.”
Drift marks Underworld’s second experimental digital distribution project following the Riverrun series of 2005-2006. The completed album marks the pair’s first full-length album since the Grammy nominated Barbara, Barbara We Face a Shining Future released in 2016, and the Q Aware winning Teatime Dub Encounters collaboration with Iggy Pop in 2018.


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