Oct 2022 24

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Over the past decade, Aghiazma has been forging a singular path through the Ukrainian music scene, blending elements of industrial and alt. rock, goth, and post-punk with a presentation inspired by Japanese visuai-kei. Now, the band stands poised to make its mark on the international circuit with the impending release of Carnage, Aghiazma’s second full-length effort, due to arrive on November 30. Recorded and mixed at Lizard Production in the band’s home of Kyiv (Kiev) throughout 2022, with Aghiazma addressing across the album’s six tracks themes of mental health and societal violence. Carnage follows up on the 2018 Plus Ultra debut, along with several standalone singles; the album track “Slaughterhouse” was revealed on January 20 of this year.


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Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x)

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