Nov 2019 15

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UCNX member dOgulas Sudia has joined forces with Greg Sirfer for a new project, Conspiracy Thief, with the duo’s introductory New Fals Idol single being released on October 28. Driven by whiskey, cigars, and heavy beats, the band’s sound showcases an aggressive “industrial as fuck” sound that pays tribute to the pair’s ’90s influences – “a love letter to old school.” The single features the original track along with a remix by Nemesis21, available now on Bandcamp, mastered by Christian Weber (K-Nitrate) with additional production provided by Sudia’s UCNX band mate John Monette. A full-length album, titled Miracle Violence Connection, is currently in the works, to be released soon on DSBP Records.


Conspiracy Thief
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Ilker YĆ¼cel (Ilker81x)

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