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Nottingham goth/rock and post-punk group Chaos Bleak has announced the release of a new EP, titled The Bleakest Hour, following up on the December 2019 release of Transcendental Chaos. As the band’s second EP, The Bleakest hour contains four original tracks written by the core lineup of Trev Bamford, Piers Sixx, and Justin Walker; often dubbed a gothic supergroup, the trio have each been members of such groups as Every New Dead Ghost, 13 Candles, Midnight Configuration, Arcane Winter, and more. As such, the last two tracks on the EP feature covers of tracks by these bands – “Miranda” by Every New Dead Ghost” and “Xenomorph” by 13 Candles, the latter of which is available to preview now. The EP’s opening three tracks – “Empty Morning,” “Return/Revenge,” and “Watch the Night Sky” – were released as individual singles to lead up its release; The Bleakest Hour is available for pre-order now, with a release date of July 13 via Bamford’s own Nightbreed Recordings.


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