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The duo of Joel Niño, Jr. and Luis Navarro has been earning quite the accolades as Twin Tribes has become one of the most acclaimed acts in the current waves of post-punk revivalism. Friday, November 3 saw the release of the “Monolith” single, marking the first taste of the duo’s forthcoming Pendulum album, along with an accompanying music video. Directed by Sultan Mars and produced by Evertt Cobb for Kinowave, the video for “Monolith” stars Gale Yavorski as an innocent tormented by surreal events and visions, the band appearing as a source of reassurance and light in the face of darkness.

The band has stated that “Cauldron of Thorns” will be the next single, due to arrive on December 1. Of the album’s themes, Twin Tribes explains, “Pendulum explores duality, correspondence, and polarity. Just like tides all things rise and fall, the pendulum swings equally from right to left, and there is no light without dark.” In addition to the band’s established mix of ’80s darkwave and gothic romanticism, influence has also been drawn from Rock en Español, particularly on the Spanish penned track “Sangre de Oro.” Produced by Charlie Vela (The December Drive) and mastered by Doruk Öztürkcan (She Past Away), Pendulum follows up on 2019’s Ceremony, and is due for release on January 26 in digital, CD, and vinyl formats, with pre-orders available on Bandcamp.
Twin Tribes is currently in the midst of a North American tour, which began on September 15, and included a performance at this year’s ColdWaves in Chicago; a full listing of remaining dates and ticket links can be found via Twin Tribes’ website.


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