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Triptykon to perform full orchestral rendition of Celtic Frost Requiem at Roadburn Festival 2019
Triptykon, the dark metal band helmed by Tom Gabriel Warrior, will be performing a full orchestral rendition of the complete Requiem at the Roadburn Festival 2019. With the orchestration congregated by esteemed classical arranger Florian Magnus Maier and funding and resources provided by Roadburn founder Walter Hoeijmakers, this marks the first occasion in which Warrior’s full three-part composition will be heard. For this performance, Triptykon will be joined by the renowned Dutch Metropole Orkest to bring the full breadth and power of Warrior’s vision for the “Missa Pro Defunctis (Mass For the Dead)” to life.
Warrior began composing the Requiem at the age of 22 in 1986, with the first part bearing the title of “Rex Irae” and appearing on Into the Pandemonium, the third album from Warrior’s band Celtic Frost – one of the most experimental and influential bands in heavy metal, blending elements of black, death, gothic, doom, and even electronic and industrial music. The piece became a point of contention for the band, with Warrior recalling, “We couldn’t have foreseen that exactly such non-traditional, experimental work would lead to significant differences of opinion between the group and the label who had signed us at the time.” With plans to complete the Requiem and release it as a dedicated EP derailed by the dissolution of the original group at the end of 1987, Warrior would later write the third part based on demos recorded in 2001; this piece would then subsequently appear on the band’s sixth and final album Monotheist in 2006 under the title of “Winter.”
Celtic Frost was once again laid to rest in 2008, becoming permanent with the death of bassist Martin Eric Ain in October of 2017. “Nonetheless, the intention to finish the full Requiem remained with me,” Warrior continues, “I was going to do it one distant day with Triptykon, the group I formed to continue to pursue the path I began in Hellhammer and Celtic Frost.” He also acknowledges the generous support of Brabant C and the City of Tilburg, Netherlands, where Roadburn Festival will be taking place and where Triptykon will exclusively perform the Requiem on April 12.
The Requiem in full consists of three chapters:

  1. “Rex Irae” (Chapter One: Overture – Fourth Incarnation)
  2. “Grave Eternal” (Chapter Two: Transition)
  3. “Winter” (Chapter Three: Finale – Ninth Incarnation)

Triptykon is also scheduled to make festival appearances at Decibel Metal & Beer Festival in Los Angeles, Madrid is the Dark Festival in Madrid, Spain, and Eindhoven Metal Meeting in Eindhoven, Netherlands throughout December; the band will also appear at the Dark East Metal Meeting in Munchen, Germany in April. A full listing of live dates can be found on the Triptykon website.


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