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“It’s not presumably easy being a God,” posits the Parisian duo of nAda and Jbaâl, collectively known as industrial/hip-hop act Traître Câlin, on the band’s latest album; now, the band has revealed a new music video for “Avide d’épave,” created Blender software to produce a visual spectacle that lives up to its translated title of “Hungry for Wreckage.” As such, depictions of destruction and ruin adorn the video, addressing mythological and historical scenes that relate to the album’s overarching themes of hubris, ambiguity, and paradoxical attitudes of the modern era – “the exhilarating collapse of grandiose ambitions.” The video marks the second release from the album, following the introductory “Idylle au Saxifrage” single, with De La Ruine now available in digital and cassette formats via Bandcamp; the album follows up on Traître Câlin’s XIII EX-VOTOS debut, released in 2020.



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