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The Clay People’s late 2018 release of Demon Hero and Other Extraordinary Phantasmagoric Anomalies and Fables signaled the coldwave and alt. metal band’s return after an absence of 11 years. Since then, the group has been steadily rebuilding its audience with live shows and several videos, one of which was the highly acclaimed and aptly titled “Colossus,” a song that vocalist Dan Neet explains was written “duiring a dark time” in his life. Now, Top Cow Productions, Inc. has teamed up with EP1T0ME Studios, Inc. to bring the “Colossus” to life in comic book form; written by Top Cow President Matt Hawkins (Think Tank) and illustrated by Christian DiBari (Magdalena), The Clay People: Colossus presents a tale of retribution as a middle American youth follows his granfather’s final wish and unleashes the titular otherworldly entity to wreak havoc upon those who have scorned and tormented him. “The song means different things to different people,” says EP1T0ME President Richard Leibowitz, “the more we heard it, the more we envisioned a story about an underdog with newfound, out-of-control power, and the ramifications that using it would bring.” Having written the protagonist to be bi-racial, like his own children, Hawkins echoes Leibowitz, “I listened to the song and the lyrics really spoke to me,” and that “Intolerance, drug addiction, poverty, and boredom pave a perfect storm for a revenge tale of grisly proportions!”


The Clay People: Colossus was released to comic book stores on March 16, and can also be purchased via PreviewsWorld. EP1T0ME has launched a website for the title, wherein people can sign up for news updates – the first 100 subscribers will receive a digital copy of Demon Hero…, while the next 500 subscribers will receive a free digital copy of the “Colossus” single. A remix of the song, created by Neet, was featured on Electronic Saviors VI: Reflection, the final installment of the prominent charity compilation series. Currently, The Clay People are finalizing the mixes for the follow-up to Demon Hero…, with plans for a release later in 2022.
Based in Los Angeles, Top Cow Productions, Inc. was founded in 1992 by Image Comics co-founder Marc Silvestri; the company is best known for such titles as Berserker, The Darkness, and perhaps most famously Witchblade, with the latter having spawned a live action TV series in 2001 and an anime series in 2006. EP1T0ME Studios, Inc. is based in Austin, TX, focusing on story-driven video games across multiple platforms; Colossus marks EP1T0ME’s second major comic book title after St. Mercy, also co-published by Top Cow.
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