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Founded in the late ’90s by producer/bassist Jason Slater and fronted by exotic dancer turned singer Tobey Torres, Snake River Conspiracy went on to have a brief but powerful presence in the alternative and industrial rock scene, releasing several promotional singles and the Sonic Jihad album in 2000, and touring with the likes of A Perfect Circle and Queens of the Stone Age. With infighting and lineup changes rampant in the wake of the initial success, the band would dissolve and reform several times over the following years, but with Slater’s death in 2020 after several years of health struggles, Snake River Conspiracy’s had been sealed… or had it? Not according to original members Tobey Torres and Mitchell Doran, who this past July announced via Instagram that the next year would see the release of new material from the band, as well as from their primary musical outlet Mojave Phone Booth.
The latter will be releasing a full-length album, Hollow the Numbers on October 28, with the band now consisting of the husband-and-wife duo of Torres and Doran joined by drummer Lynn Farmer (Consolidated, Meat Beat Manifesto, The Orb), as well as a guest appearance by Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea. Hollow the Numbers marks the second album from Mojave Phone Booth after the 2016 self-titled album, with the album preceded by the release of the Kill the Messenger EP earlier this year; both the EP and pre-orders for the new album can be found on the band’s website.
After a brief period during which the band was fronted by Drain STH’s Martina Axen, Torres had ultimately rejoined Snake River Conspiracy in 2016, the same year she and Doran began Mojave Phone Booth; Slater had been working with producer/engineer Eric Valentine, and a myriad of demos had been revealed over the years hinting at what would be the follow-up to Sonic Jihad. It is not known if – though it can be inferred that – the forthcoming release from Snake River Conspiracy will feature any of Slater’s remaining recordings or compositions.


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