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With the release of the “So Close” single in September 2019, Los Angeles goth/rock artist Thrillsville now gives the song its own visual spin. Produced with fellow dark pop act Precious Child, the music video for “So Close” is presented as an amusing gender reveal party parody, with Thrillsville’s Rani Sharone humorously stating, “I guess my membership to Goths ‘R’ Us just got revoked!” He goes on to say, “It was a lot of fun to play a gothic curmudgeon who hates sunlight, cats, and pastel colors,” clarifying that he does in fact love cats and pastel colors and that three kittens were fostered and saved through Los Angeles Kitten Rescue in the making of “So Close.”

Written by Sharone and Dominique L. Persi and mastered and co-mixed by Ulrich Wild, the “So Close” single marks Thrillsville’s third single. Following its release, Sharone released his soundtrack album to the video game It’s Not Scary! on Halloween; he is known primarily for his work in dark cabaret act Stolen Babies, and has collaborated with the likes of Puscifer, Marilyn Manson, and TV/film composer Tyler Bates.


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