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Lucien Greaves, co-founder and spokesperson for The Satanic Temple and considered the most prominent contemporary Satanist in the world, has embarked on a new creative endeavor with prolific punk provocateur Justin Pearson under the latter’s Three One G Records banner. Joining forces with Pearson’s Planet B cohort and celebrated hip-hop producer Luke Henshaw, and legendary drummer Dave Lombardo, best known for his tenure with Slayer, Misfits, and Suicidal Tendencies, the quartet known as Satanic Planet has unveiled its first single and music video, “Baphomet.” Greaves defines the universally recognized icon, both reviled and revered in equal measure, as “symbolizing the reconciliation of opposites; dueling binaries combined and transcending into something greater than the sum of their parts.” This philosophy has not only been a defining tenet of Satanism, but also of the band’s music, blending elements of electronic, hip-hop, industrial, and doom to craft an exotic and compelling avant-garde style that Greaves calls “Easy Listening for the Apocalypse.”

The corresponding music video, directed by Henshaw, features cinematography by Becky DiGiglio, edited by Displaced/Replaced. The track and video serve as the first taste of Satanic Planet’s debut album, due for release on May 28 via Three One G Records in digital, CD, and vinyl formats, with the latter appearing in three limited edition variants, all now available for pre-order; additionally, The Satanic Temple will be releasing a fourth vinyl variant, also available to pre-order. Recorded and produced by Henshaw and Lombardo, the Satanic Planet debut was mixed and mastered by Brent Asbury, with cover art created by Stomp the Holy Bones.

Pearson and Henshaw have worked together as the punk/electro/hip-hop duo Planet B, while Lombardo and Pearson are members of Dead Cross. The band began with Pearson and Henshaw joining Greaves as the latter gained international attention advocating for religious liberty, being featured in such national media as NPR, CNN, MSNBC, Rolling Stone, and Newsweek; Lombardo, unable to tour due to the 2020 lockdowns and having more free time to work in his home studio, was then enlisted, solidfying the lineup that is now Satanic Planet. As well, several guest collaborators have participated, including Eric Livingston (First Church of the Void), Carrie Feller (Hexa), Travis Ryan (Cattle Decapitation), Nomi Abadi (The String Theory), Jung Sing (Silent), and Shiva Honey.


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