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Following four years after the Belgian tribal industrial and dark electro act’s last album, Dependent Records has announced the release of the latest outing by This Morn’ Omina, titled The Roots of Saraswati. Further exploring the band’s signature blend of psychedelic trance influences with a greater emphasis on “the tribal heart of the Belgians,” the new record sees the group taking a darker atmospheric turn with the lyrical themes staying true to This Morn’ Omina’s fascination with Indian spiritualism; with Saraswati translating to “The Flowing One,” the term is often applied to scholars and truth seekers as it relates to the Hindu goddess of art, learning, and wisdom. In addition, The Roots of Sawaswati marks the first album to feature new member Scott Fox, best known as the mastermind behind iVardensphere, and now filling the space left by the departure of longtime member Karolus Leroq; the group is filled out by founding member Mike Goedrjik, along with Jelle Mattez and Peter Boey. With the album track “1000 Cuts (Lingh Chi)” available to preview stream, The Roots of Sawaswati is due for release on March 26 in digital and CD formats via Bandcamp, with a deluxe “Luxus” edition featuring seven additional tracks also available to pre-order.




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