Apr 2019 18

Third single from upcoming fifth Celldweller album released
With the project’s fifth full-length studio album on the horizon, producer/musician Klayton has unveiled a new single and lyric video under his Celldweller moniker, titled “A Matter of Time.” As the third single from the upcoming Satellites, the track is a frenetic blend of psy-trance and electrified metal, ever showcasing the artist’s penchant for intense melodic hooks and multi-layered harmonies. The single is now available to purchase on Bandcamp, appearing in both a vocal and instrumental version; “A Matter of Time” follows up on the previous two singles, “My Disintegration” and “Electric Eye,” with all three tracks demonstrating Celldweller’s return to a heavier, more aggressive sound after the slower paced and more atmospheric Offworld album, all the while maintaining Klayton’s interest in science fiction narratives and visual environments.



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Website, Webstore, Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp, YouTube
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