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It has been five years since Third Realm’s last album with Distortion Productions, with the dark electro act continuing to release material independently, and through darkTunes and Morbid Attitude Records. Now, Nathan Reiner has returned home with Into Oblivion, the latest full-length effort from the Buffalo, NY based project, showcasing Reiner’s ongoing pursuit to break down the barriers of sound and emotion in darkwave and industrial. “I’ve delved deeper into the shadows to create a musical landscape that immerses the listener in a hauntingly beautiful and thought-provoking experience,” the artist states, going on to praise Distortion Productions founder Jim Semonik for his “loyalty, transparency, and dedication.” Released on October 20, Into Oblivion was mixed and mastered by Matrix Audio, and is available now in digital and CD formats. The album follows up on 2021’s Sinister Device, with the band releasing in the interim the standalone “Obsession” and “Fuck Your Warship” singles, as well as the 2022 Halloween single “Trials of Desolation.”


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