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In 1995, Kent-based electronic quartet CODE released The Architect, and while the dissolution of Third Mind Records around the time of its release meant that it didn’t receive the acolades it might have been due, the record went on to become a cult classic for it’s blend of ambient soundscapes, techno rhythms, and melodic pop songwriting. 25 years later, CODE has returned with a follow-up record, appropriately titled Ghost Ship; salvaged from recordings and material the group has been amassing in the interim, the new record presents CODE’s classic sound and style with 10 tracks mixed by Bombay Monkey and mastered by Leigh Lawson. “We had recently been approached simultaneously by two labels regarding a reissue of The Architect,” the band explains, “At the same time, the MV Alta cargo ship washed up intact on the coast of Ireland after disappearing over a year before en route to Haiti. The ‘adrift in time’ analogy appealed to us, and hence the title Ghost Ship.” Although the original sequencing and programs were either lost or simply not available due to the changes in hardware, the audio tracks were preserved digitally – “The melodic and textural content was already there, so it was a question of remaining faithful to the original recordings, editing and layering and in some cases adding new parts.” CODE’s Ghost Ship will be released on November 6 via Lo-Tek Audio in digital and vinyl formats, with the latter available in a limited quantity of 300 copies, while the CD edition is currently sold out; the album can be pre-ordered via Bandcamp, while a music video for the opening track “Origin” has also been released.



Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x)

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