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Abstrakce Records has announced a limited edition reissue of the 1994 Fallen Gods record from experimental ethno-ambient act Rapoon. Blending elements of classic Indian instrumentation with the dakly industrial atmospheres that dominated the project’s earlier releases, namely 1992’s Dream Circle and Raising Earthly Spirits from 1993, Fallen Gods sees Robin Storey making strides to further establish Rapoon’s sonic identity in the wake of his departure from :zoviet*france:; incorporating Tabla, the “Indian banjo” known as the Bulbul tarang, and various other percussive and zither-like tones alongside hypnotic electronic drones, the album remains a benchmark release in both the genre and especially in Rapoon’s extensive discography. Released on December 7, the Abstrakce Records reissue of Fallen Gods is now available to purchase/stream digitally – with pre-orders available for the limited edition vinyl, due for release on December 27 – via Bandcamp.


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Abstrakce Records
Website, Facebook, Bandcamp
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