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After making its debut in March with the debut “Parasite” single, Minneapolis collective The Seven Whores of the Apocalypse has announced a follow-up, titled “Pathological.” With a release date of May 11, the track continues the industrial dance sound presented on the debut, focusing on themes of “depravity and desperation” by way of primarily vintage analog equipment; in addition, the single will also include an extended dub mix of the trac, with previews of both versions available to stream on SoundCloud.

Drawing heavily on the influence of late ’80s electro/industrial and dance music, The Seven Whores of the Apocalypse was founded by Jason Herrboldt, Tom (Divider Line), and Chris Campbell (The Creeping Man) – all three of which have been mainstays of the Minnesota underground scene in the realms of dark ambient and experimental industrial. “Parasite” was released on April 6, with the band planning for further releases as the year progresses.


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