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Riveting Music has released some interesting compilations, each showcasing the breadth of styles and talent in the current electro/industrial and underground alternative scene, while also bearing the singular focus of calling attention to current social and political issues through the music of previous generations; 2019’s A Riveting Protest and 2020’s Tear Down the Walls did well to repurpose and recontextualize the original material while still being reverent to the spirit of the artists’ intent. Now, Riveting Music has announced Regulate This: A Riveting Tribute to Girl Power, with the Friday, August 12 release of The Joy Thieves’ rendition of Pat Benatar’s “Love Is a Battlefield” marking its first single; with I Ya Toyah taking the lead, the cover is an industrialized hard rock powerhouse that amplifies the fury of Benatar’s original with sprinklings of vocoder for good measure.

The Joy Thieves’ cover of “Love Is a Battlefield” is available now on Bandcamp, while the full compilation is due for release on September 9. Regulate This showcases 21 covers of trailblazing women with 100% of the proceeds from the compilation going to the Global Fund For Women, one of the leading foundations for gender equality. Founded in 1987, the organization is a non-profit grantmaking foundation that has been supporting initiatives and groups devoted to progressive women’s rights in over 170 countries; the foundation has awarded over $100-million in grants to over 4,000 organizations since 1988.
Additionally, The Joy Thieves will be releasing a music video for “Love Is a Battlefield” in the coming weeks.


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