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Nearly five years since the release of the introductory Collide single, electro/industrial act The Head of a Girl has at last released the debut full-length album, This Place Is Really Nowhere. Written, produced, and recorded by Glenn A. Dehmer, created during a tumultuous period of depression and personal loss, the album is the culmination of his years as a DJ and producer in the Chicago electronic music scene; “every note was played or programmed,” Dehmer states, “and no out-of-the-box samples of loops were used.” Along with Dehmer and lead vocalist Meghan Benson, who co-wrote the lyrics to “Collide” with Jim Marcus (GoFight, Die Warzau), the record features additional performances from drummers Vince McAley (GoFight, Chemlab) and Gabriel Palomo (Kill Memory Crash), guitarists Nick Maybury, Steve Krason, and Brandon Dehmer, bassist/guitarist Leigh Gorman (Bow Wow Wow, Fantastic Planet), and Shel Baily on saxophone and backup vocals. Mastered by the renowned Maor Appelbaum, This Place Is Really Nowhere was released on August 7 via 8-Trax Sound and is now available to purchase on Bandcamp.


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