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Australian gothic rock and metal act The Effigy has unveiled a new single, “One with My Enemy,” along with a corresponding lyric video. As the band’s third single of the year, and the fourth following the late 2021 release of the Villain EP, the song addresses issues of mental and emotional abuse, taking a more personal lyrical turn from the preceding “Cindersun,” which drew more heavily on the tale of Icarus in Greek mythology; according to the band, the merging of Effy Gold’s vocals and songwriting with Andrew Noe’s instrumental prowess is arranged in order to “convey the spiraling torment experienced by the track’s protagonist.” Gold further explains,”I wrote ‘One with My Enemy’ about a complicated relationship I had with someone who slowly chipped away at my self esteem, tarnishing my name so that when finally I found the strength to cut ties, no one would ever believe me.” She goes on to say that despite second guessing herself and the pain of the situation, she could finally say, “I believe myself,” concluding that “there can be so much power in that statement.”

Mastered by Francesco Petrel, “One with My Enemy” was released today, August 25, and is available as a name-your-price item on Bandcamp. Up until the Villain EP, Gold had been working primarily with musician/producer John Manning, with the aforementioned “Cindersun” single seeing her working with guitarist/bassist Dan Clarke, producer Cody Johnstone, and mastering engineer Darius van Helfteren. In addition, Gold creates the artwork for all of her releases.


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