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Spending the last several years solidifying the band’s reputation with live shows and reissues of a highly influential back catalog, The Cassandra Complex has announced the release of No Gods, No Masters, with “The Crown Lies Heavy on the King” as the introductory single. Political in its content and marking the band’s first new studio recording in a decade, the song is a defiant “Fuck You” to who the band refers to as members of the ruling class, naming “right-wing demagogues such as Trump, Johnson, Bolsanro, etc.” According to vocalist and founding member Rodney Orpheus, “We didn’t want a song that would just be us moaning in despair, and we certainly didn’t want to simply ignore these issues. We wanted something anthemic that people could sing while we dismantle the systems that put those would-be dictators in place.” Orpheus goes on to say that the title is a pun that “refers to the crown of rulership, but also to the fact that Corona means a crown, and ironically, that it might be their uncaring inaction towards Coronavirus that finally makes people realize how useless and psychopathic our rulers really are.” Released on October 23 in time for the U.S. election, the new single is available via Bandcamp and Spotify.

With The Cassandra Complex’s lineup now consisting of Orpheus, Andy Booth, Volker Zacharias, and Azel Ermes, the band recorded No Gods, No Masters in the summer and fall of 2020 in three studios in the U.K. and Germany, all connected via the internet for video chat and recording and allowing the band to “keep collaborating fully, despite being physically separate. Since we’ve all known each other and worked closely together for many years, it almost felt like being together in one big studio, so there’s a real live feel to the record despite the distances involved.” A release date for No Gods, No Masters has not yet been announced.


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  1. Humanc says:

    Great song!!! Great lyrics too!!!

  2. Heidi says:

    Great song, extremely catchy!

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