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In September, The Cassandra Complex unveiled the remaster of the band’s 1986 Grenade debut; now, in an ironic yet appropriate twist, the band is now issuing a new edition of what was the influential dark rock group’s last album of studio material, Wetware. Regarded by the band members as the culmination of the work they had been doing over the previous 15 years, and originally released in 2000 via Metropolis Records, this new version is fully remastered and resequenced to be presented in three linked releases; according to vocalist and founder Rodney Orpheus, “When we were originally working on Wetware, we ended up writing so many great songs that we couldn’t fit them all into one 70 minute CD, so we had to leave some songs off. When it came time to remaster it for streaming, I realized I could now add in the missing stuff, and split the whole thing into two albums instead.” As such, Wetware will be released in two parts – Hardware containing the “harder, faster, more in-your-face songs,” and Software focusing on the “longer, slower, more psychedelic pieces” – to be released on December 6 and 20, respectively; preceding those is the November 22 release of the Twice As Good EP, which is available on Spotify and Amazon, and features remixes by legendary EBM acts Front 242 and Apoptygma Berzerk.
The Cassandra Complex now consists of Rodney Orpheus, co-founder and guitarist Andy Booth, along with past member Volker Zacharias, and keyboardist and “button-pusher” Axel Ermes; the group spent 2019 touring and performing at various European festivals, including a momentous performance at Wave Gotik Treffen, which can be viewed on YouTube. The band will be performing at the BIMFest in Belgium this December, with more dates planned throughout Europe in 2020; a full listing of live dates can be found on The Cassadra Complex website.


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