Mar 2020 29

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The Bedroom Witch – the Los Angeles based dark electro-pop project of Sepehr Mashiahof – has released a new single, “Rooze Roshan,” which translates to “Bright Day.” Described by the Iranian/American artist as a celebratory track for the Persian New Year, the song is sung in Farsi and collaboratively produced with the artist’s parents; additionally, the track serves as a fundraiser for the creative community impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, with any one dollar or more purchase going directly to artists impacted by the crisis via Venmos and CashApp. She also states that those who send donations of $10 or more will received her most recent “Bizarre/Bazaar Times” T-shirt. Available now on Bandcamp, “Rooze Roshan” is a standalone single, separate from The Bedroom Witch’s ’80s inspired concept album, Diaspora, which was released last year via Psychic Eye Records; the album serves as the artist’s origin story as an Iranian-American Trans Woman and first generation immigrant.


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