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As the latest single from the band’s This Alchemy album, goth/rock and darkwave act The Awakening has unveiled the music video for “Shadow Call.” Conceived and shot by front man Ashton Nyte, he explains that the video was created as a sign of solidarity with “all who suffer from depression and other forms of mental illness,” a topic that seems all the more relevant in the wake of the pandemic and its lasting effects on people; Nyte continues, “I believe that if we feel safe enough to speak about these challenges, we have a better chance to cope with them and hopefully overcome them.”

“Shadow Call” is the third single from This Alchemy, following “Zero Down” and the cover of Alphaville’s “A Victory of Love.” The album marks The Awakening’s tenth full-length studio effort, released in May of 2021 via Intervention Arts and available now in digital and CD formats from the band’s webstore.


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  1. Werner Bergh says:

    Best video from the new album as well the song is beautifully written and produced

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