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With the music video making its premiere today on Kaltblut Magazine, ReGen Magaazine presents the latest single from Berlin-based Hungarian artist Anna Jordan under her moniker of The Allegorist. As the lead single from the forthcoming Blind Emperor album, “The Sacrifice” presents an aural presentation about the challenges and responsibilities of life, that time when difficult decisions and priorities reveal undeniable truths about ourselves. Driving the track is a choir created entirely by Jordan’s voice, singing in her own “Mondoneoh” language to help evoke an otherworldly ambience, which is further exhibited in the darkly atmospheric video.

Directed by The Allegorist with visuals created by Paweł Mielnik, “The Sacrifice” was screened at the Savoy Cinema in September of 2021 for the Nottingham International Film Festival, winning the award for “Best Music Video of 2021.” The Allegorist explains, “We have worked over two years only on the visual side of this artwork and the collaboration with Paweł was a truly amazing experience,” the prominent image being a monolithic shrine that resembles a head within a mountain with eyes of liquid. Due for release on February 25 via Awaken Chronicles, the record is now available for pre-order in digital and 12-inch heavy black vinyl.



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