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Earlier this year, Anna Jordan released The Blind Emperor, her fourth album under the moniker of The Allegorist; with themes of perseverance and struggle eventually resulting in prosperity in a mythical land, the album was met with great acclaim for the breadth of its immersive audiovisual presentation. Now, as the next phase in the saga, the Berlin-based artist has announced The Round Table, a remix companion to The Blind Emperor in which each of the remixers plays a specific role in the cryptic story in which Jordan sings in the “Mondoneoh” language she has created to take The Allegorist further into a state of otherworldliness. Of the album’s story, Jordan explains further:

Meeting with the others in the shrine filled the air with tension. Everybody who mattered was supposed to come and join the conversation at The Round Table. Many have tried to enter, but the doors open only every hundred years if touched by the energy and all of them. It was crucial not to be late. The Blind Emperor and her convoy had to hurry and move forward. Her mind filled with thoughts: Will they all come? Have they changed? Is the monumental and mysterious shrine as they have said? Nobody knew what was going to happen inside, but everyone knew it would change everything.

Joining the titular “Blind Emperor” in the shrine are remixers Eraldo Bernocchi (“The Doctor”), Max Dahlhaus (“The Sorcerer”), KMRU (“The Alchemist”), Magna Pia (“The Warden”), Snakes of Russia (“The Prophet”), and Blush Response with The Allegorist (“The Warrior” and “The Seer”). Snakes of Russia’s remix of “Moving Forward” acts as the first single from The Round Table, now available to stream on Spotify and on Bandcamp, where the album is now available for digital pre-order, due for release on September 9. The Blind Emperor was released on February 25 in digital and limited edition 12-inch vinyl formats.



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