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Long heralded as innovators in the realm of electronic music, Tangerine Dream has announced the release of a new box set further chronicling the band’s prolific back catalog. Spanning 10 CDs, Pilots of Purple Twilight highlights the group’s recorded output for Virgin from 1980-1983, marking the second chapter of Tangerine Dream’s history with the illustrious label following the success of last year’s In Search of Hades collection; as such, this new box set features newly remastered editions of 1980’s Tangram, 1981’s Exit, White Eagle from 1982, 1983’s Hyperborea, as well as the group’s soundtrack selections from the 1983 comedy Risky Business and the full soundtracks for 1982’s The Soldier and director Michael Mann’s Thief from 1981 and The Keep from 1983, the latter of which having been previously unreleased in any official format. As well, the collection includes live material, starting with the band’s fourth official live album Logos Live from 1982, along with the full November 1982 concert at The Dominion Theatre in London, U.K., and additional material never before released on CD from White Eagle and Daydream – Moorland. Single CD editions of the main albums in the set will also be available, with all audio drawn from the original master tapes, remixed and enhanced by Ben Wiseman. Pilots of Purple Twilight will also include a hardback book with rare photographs, memorabilia, and a supplemental essay.

Pilots of Purple Twilight – both the 10-disc box set and the six individual albums – will be released on October 30, with pre-orders available via RecordStore and uDiscover. The previous box set, In Search of Hades: The Virgin Recordings 1973-1979 was released on June 14, 2019 and is still available for purchase.


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