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Although it has been nearly seven years since the passing of founding member Edgar W. Froese, the influential and pioneering electronic group Tangerine Dream continues, with the band announcing the release of a new album in 2022. Drawing direct inspiration from Cubase arrangements and Otari tapes made by Froese from 1977-2013, as well as Super-8 documents of the band’s creative process at their Berlin Neukölln studio, Raum marks Tangerine Dream’s follow-up to the Probe 1-8 EP released this past November. The current band lineup features Thorsten Quaeschning, Hoshiko Yamane, and Paul Frick composing fresh from Froese’s personal archives, the album serving as a direct response to the numerous show cancellations during the global pandemic; as such, the band states that Raum presents the first time in decades that Tangerine Dream’s music can’t be exactly recreated in the live setting, focusing more on the classic studio production of sequenced atmospheres and warm synthesizer anthems. Raum is due for release on February 25. 2022 via Kscope/Eastgate Music, inaugurating the band’s From Virgin to the Quantum Years Tour, which begins on March 2 in Belfast, and continues until March 25 in Amsterdam; as well, the band is scheduled to perform at the Artrock Festival on August 19, with a full listing of live dates available via Tangerine Dream’s website. Pre-orders for Raum are available in digital, CD, and vinyl formats.


Tangerine Dream
Website, Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, YouTube
Website, Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp, YouTube
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