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Continuing to pave his own jazz-infused electronic path, Phoenix, AZ’s Weston Smith has announced the release of a self-titled album, following up on his 2022 Tales Of album and the Crayons collaboration with walterwarm released this past January. According to the artist, the forthcoming album addresses mental and emotional issues stemming from personal experience, resulting in his most honest work yet – in Smith’s words, “I wouldn’t have been able to write any of this without all of the hospitalizations, the love and heartbreak, the friends I have, the experiences I’ve shared, and the realization of being bisexual and giving myself the self love I truly deserve.” The introductory single, titled “Lunar Grotto,” will be unveiled on May 5, with “Flame Eternal (Maude’s Theme)” and later singles to follow the album’s June 2 release date. Regularly releasing singles as name-your-price items on Bandcamp, Smith’s most recent efforts are a vocal version of “CryptKeeper,” the original instrumental version appearing on the aforementioned Tales Of; as well, he had released the standalone “Fear of the Heavens” as a tribute to the Secret of Mana video game, while the latter half of 2022 hinted at an album titled Arizona Deletion in the works for a December 2023 release with the single of the same name and “Puny Human.”


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