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Florida industrial cyberpunk act Syn Nine has announced a remix contest in an effort to assist musicians and DJs currently out of work due to the numerous tour and concert cancellations and postponements resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. Offering remix kits for nine of the 12 tracks from the band’s 2019 Mindfire debut, Syn Nine is offering a cash reward for up to five places – each artist is allowed to make multiple submissions, with a maximum of two potential wins. Submissions will be collected into a SoundCloud playlist, with voting determined by the number of likes each track receives; voting will last from Monday, April 6 until Friday, April 10. A full listing of cash awards, contest rules, links to the remix stems, and additional information can be found on on the Syn Nine remix contest website. Syn Nine’s Mindfire debut album was released on December 6, 2019 and is available digitally via Bandcamp; streams are also available via Spotify.


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Ilker YĆ¼cel (Ilker81x)

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