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Swedish EBM and darkwave act Susurration has already made waves with such singles as “The Devil In Me” and “Consensual Noise Content,” both have which garnering considerable play on indie radio stations and dancefloor set lists. With the artist’s new track, appropriately titled “Gender is a Battlefield,” founder Dennis Bäsecke-Beltrametti makes a clear declaration of war on homophobia and support for those struggling both inwardly and outwardly to affirm their identity. Presented in both an edited single mix and the Laser Pride edit exclusively for clubs, the track also continues Susurration’s pursuit of a darkly melodic brand of EBM, with marching rhythms ripe with energy and power, and Bäsecke-Beltrametti’s direct and sharp vocal delivery – all further extensions of his work as a music theorist and composer of musical theatre in Zürich. Along with the two aforementioned singles, “Gender is a Battlefield” made its premiere on ArtNoir Musik-Magazin and is the third taste of the forthcoming Make Love Like War full-length record, due to appear in September; the album follows up on the Susurration’s 2021 1000 Stäbe.


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