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“We are literally one of the greatest musical communities in the world and what makes it so is how we stick together.” So says Jim Marcus as September 2 saw the release of Machine Rock (Extended), a supplementary EP of remixes for the titular single, released this past June in support of Cyanotic and Glitch Mode Recordings founder Sean Payne; of the band, Marcus continues, “Cyanotic is a deep cut and deranged cyber band from here in Chicago that has been a staple on dance floors for 20 years now due to their commitment to fun science fiction pop culture and powerful sound manipulation.” Payne lost his wife Anastasia “Staci” Payne in a car accident that had left him hospitalized this past May, and the outpouring of support from the scene was immense, with the “Machine Rock” single being just one example, its very title paying tribute to the coldwave and industrialized rock sounds that Payne has cultivated and loved in Cyanotic and his other collaborations. The (Extended) EP features remixes of the track by SPANKTHENUN, Sapphira Vee, Melodywhore, SØLVE, Derision Cult, and Interface, along with the B-side track “Little Beautiful Strings,” which is also accompanied by an alternate version by Jane Jensen. Today, September 7 sees the release of the corresponding music video for the opening MekaBeat version of “Machine Rock,” continuing the audiovisual narrative contained within the forthcoming MekaDisko album. “Machine Rock” and the (Extended) EP were preceded by “DirtyFuckingPretty,” “Ghosts of the Earth,” “Out of the Fire,” “Freestate,” “Icarus,” and “Dead Girl,” all of which were released over the last three years. A release date for MekaDisko has not yet been made public, although Marcus continues to release A.I.-assisted visual art and music videos to enhance the immersion. In addition, Cyanotic will be releasing a new album, The After Effect, this Saturday, September 9; dedicated to Payne’s wife Anastasia and brother Tyler Fryar, the album is available to pre-order now, its eight tracks offering what he refers to as “synthetic sonic catharsis.”





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