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After releasing the “Hands” single earlier this year, Suffer Ring has now unveiled a new album to further solidify the duo’s exploration of witch house and punk-infused electro, titled Hauntology. With Corey Davenport (Cairn Elan) hailing from Atlanta, GA and Kyle Mac (Dead Fetus) from Portland, OR, the band’s divergent locale adds to the blend of post-hardcore aggression with the structued rigidity of danceable electronics; featuring the “Hands,” “In the Glass,” and “To the Slaughter” singles, the themes of Hauntology delve into the repetitive and traumatic cycles of war, failed relationships, and ancient curses, as well as tech addiction, swamp gods, and reliving the experience of being murdered in reverse. Through these nihilistic themese, presented through disparate voices and instrumental styles, Suffer Ring explains the album’s ultimate goal to be a reminder that “things aren’t okay.”

Hauntology follows Suffer Ring’s 2020 Reverentia album, released via Re:Mission Entertainment on Tuesday, December 21. The album is now available to purchase on Bandcamp in digital and a cassette format limited to 100 copies.


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