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Re:Mission Entertainment has unveiled a new single from Suffer Ring, titled “Hands,” which follows up on the band’s 2020 Reverentia album and its subsequent remix companion released earlier this year. Tying into the themes presented on the band’s forthcoming Hauntology record, the duo of Corey Davenport (Cairn Elan) and Kyle Mac (Dead Fe†us) explain the song to be an angry and reactionary statement against the status quo, addressing the consequences of ill actions and the resulting confusion and horror of our own creations; “it is a lamentation for the innocence that is lost at the moment of enlightenment when you realize you are complicit,” the duo further comments, “Following the United States retreating from the occupation of Afghanistan, ads on Facebook appeared in my feed asking for donations for the vulnerable refugees who remained in the country. It infuriated me that we were being asked to give money when our money was baselessly stolen to hurt these innocent people in the first place.” Calling out the numerous corporations that benefitted from the perpetuation of these conflicts and the government officials whose hypocrisy and greed enabled them, the band concludes, “We ravaged nations; we are choking the earth; we’re starting the fires. You can’t wash this blood from your hands and neither can anyone else.”
Available now as a name-your-price item on Bandcamp, the song is also presented with a corresponding music video; Hauntology is due to drop on December 21.



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