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Athan Maroulis (NØIR, Black Tape For a Blue Girl, Spahn Ranch) and Sue Hutton (Indarra, Rhea’s Obsession) have joined forces to celebrate the holiday season with the Christmas Nocturne EP, now available as a “name-your-price” item on Bandcamp. With proceeds split between Projekt Records and the two artists, the EP presents the duo collaborating on four traditional Christmas carols, including a rendition of “We Three Kings” the pair recorded in 1999 for Projekt’s Excelsis: Vol 2: A Winter’s Song collection, effectively celebrating the track’s 20th anniversary. For the remainder of the EP, Hutton and Maroulis recorded their vocals in their respective homes of Toronto, Ontario and New York City with Xris Smack; the pair also recruited producer/musician Kevin Laliberté for new instrumental and a cappella renditions of the 1940s “Carol of the Drum” and the 18th century traditional “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.”


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