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Celebrated Washington, DC goth/rock act Strange Boutique has released a lo-fi live recording of the band’s reunion show, which took place at DC9 on June 22, 2019. The performance marked the first time the band had performed together since 2004, with Strange Boutique paying tribute to original member and underground punk and hardcore icon Fred “Freak” Smith, who was found murdered in August 2017 in San Fernando Valley. Freak had also later been a member of “getto metal” band Blaxmyth, but was perhaps most revered as a member of post-hardcore act Beefeater prior to forming Strange Boutique; fellow DC punk/hardcore luminary Ian MacKaye (Fugazi) remembers Freak fondly, “He was a sweet fucker.”
Richards, along with original Strange Boutique bassist/guitarist and co-founder Steve Willett, drummer Rand Blackwell, and guitarist Dennis Kane performed a set of the band’s most beloved songs from across a discography that spanned four studio albums from 1987 to 1994; among them tracks like “Happy Birthday, Wanda June,” “In a Heaven,” and “Solar Friend” from 1993’s Charm and “De Milo,” “Remedios the Beauty,” and “Quicksand Minds” from 1991’s The Loved One.
Live at DC9 – June 22, 2019 marks Strange Boutique’s first new release since Metropolis Records’ 2004 retrospective collection, and third live album, now available to purchase via Bandcamp.


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