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U.K. electro/punk act Strange Bones has unveiled the second single from the band’s new album, an anthem for the apocalypse titled “Deathwish.” Drawing inspiration from the “dystopian Disneyland seaside town that time forgot” that is the band’s home of Blackpool, front man Bobby Bentham exaplains “Deathwish” to be about “feeling trapped by your surroundings and understanding the restraints that we have are put in place by nobody but ourselves.” Directed and produced by Bentham, the accompanying video depicts the band encountring a group of zombies during a night out.

Album CoverFollowing the April 2020 release of the Blitz Part 2 EP, Strange Bones’ forthcoming England Screams full-length album showcases the band’s continued development; produced, mixed, and engineered by Bentham, the record’s themes focus on the relationship between balance and chaos, “the two factions that fly different flags but create balance when they meet in battle.” England Screams is due for release on August 20 via 300 Entertainment imprint FRKST.


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