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ReGen Magazine is proud to be named a sponsor for the impending North American tour from Baltimore electro/industrial act Stoneburner. The Belligerence Tour begins on October 24 in Detroit, MI and concludes on December 8 in Washington, DC, presenting the band’s textured and aggressive blend of tribal percussion, industrialized ethnic atmospheres, and the new incorporation of acerbic vocals to take the project toward a wider spectrum of dystopian sci-fi. A full listing of dates for The Belligerence Tour can be found on the Stoneburner website.
With the tour, Stoneburner will be supporting the latest full-length album, Technology Implies Belligerence, released on July 12 via Negative Gain Productions, along with the corresponding One By One We Glitter and Disappear and The Structure Itself Is In Pain EPs, and the new Massdriver EP. Released digitally on October 11, Massdriver features six new tracks, along with three additional remixes by Kounter Mezhure, The Secret Light, and The Rain Within; a physical edition limited to 100 copies includes some exclusive cover tracks, and is available to purchase direct from the artist.



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