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Stoneburner, the experimental post-industrial project of Baltimore-based artist Steven Archer, has signed with prominent label COP International for the release of a new album, titled Apex Predator. Expressing his pride and excitement at signing with the imprint, Archer comments, “I’ve been in this game a long time and I really appreciate how forward-thinking the label is – they are running their business exactly the way I would in the current climate, focusing on developing a small group of quality and hand-picked artists.” This feeling is shared by COP International founder Christian Petke, who adds, “I’m so thrilled to have Stoneburner on our roster. Steven inspires me as it feels he has picked up the torch for industrial music’s origins, a time when the genre’s lineage to punk was apparent and bands really took a stand.” With the album presenting a more personal aspect to his songwriting while continuing to expand upon the sci-fi and otherworldly themes that drove much of Stoneburner’s earlier output, the musician further explains, “I decided to write music that I feel addresses the ways modern industrial falls short, focusing not on dance floors and clubs but writing songs with intelligent lyrics that speak to the human condition, both in general and based on my own personal experience.” Apex Predator follows up the Technology Implies Belligerence album released in April 2020, along with the Beauty Is Terror release in August, and the latter’s No Light No Spark remix companion released this past January; the last year also saw Stoneburner release the Stoneburner Soundsystem: Kompromat cover series, Non-Existent Film Scores, Untitled – Dark Ambient Album, and numerous re-releases of the project’s past output, along with numerous music videos. Due for release later in 2021 on COP International Records, Apex Predator will be produced by the legendary John Fryer, of which Petke concludes, “I can’t wait to see what Steven and John Fryer cook up together, but know it will be something that will hit you like a ton of bricks.”


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